Before the universe came to be as we know it, there was nothing but the heavens, and those who existed in them. These beings, known as Angels, were ruled over and created by God. The Angels were his aides and the closest thing he had to a family. God also created the universe as humans understood it. A vast and complex plane of existence with creatures filled throughout it. On one particular planet, he made perhaps his most controversial creation: mankind. These beings were given free will as well as an amplified understanding of the world around them. His presence on Earth was originally very great indeed, however God sensed something was wrong, and so he focussed his attention on Heaven once more.

Of all the angels, one in particular stood out among the others, desiring to be closest to God and to learn from him. Originally he and God were as close as brothers, but once God began spending more time with humans, he began to change. He studied them: their habits, their mannerisms, and their sheer lack of understanding. Jealousy began to fester within him, and he felt their existence was meaningless. He was called Lucifer, and he began to discuss among the Angels how God was going to abandon them in favor of these inferior creatures. He approached God, declaring he has forsaken his once cherished Angels, and that he deserves to have God's power. Lucifer then dishonored God and proposed that he is the better leader for the angels. One third of God's family had followed Lucifer at this time. God looked at them, feeling betrayed and hurt. At first he said no, stating that he would forgive him if he let the issue go. Lucifer struck God, and as a result his desires were granted- at a price.

God pressed his hand upon his face, and engulfed him in flames. The Angel began to transform from a beautiful being into one influenced by the darkness and hatred that were now firmly a part of Lucifer. His disfigured and mutated body began to fall. After the betrayal of Lucifer, God went on to create hell as the realm for the fallen angels who had fallen from grace. All of these beings followed the fall of Lucifer to this dark place. While this is a place of eternal torment for those within it, the hellspawn somehow were able to grow in strength and numbers. War waged between the two realms, and for eons the war was at a stalemate with each side simply slaughtering each other. Once the demons had grown enough in number and strength, they began to interfere with the lives of humans on Earth. This was not their concern God felt, and so He called to Lucifer (who retitled himself as Satan) in order to discuss his workings. Lucifer declared that he would corrupt God's beloved experiment, and so he began to isolate humans from God, and then proceeded to influence horrible thoughts and acts from them. Eventually these peaceful creatures became as many know them now: capable of acts of greed, hatred, and envy. God was now fighting a battle on two fronts. Things did not seem to be going in his favor.

And so time had continued as we know it. Mankind became sentient, and all the history of the world as humans knew it had come to pass. God had attempted to communicate through individuals to discuss his presence to the world, with little luck. God even sent Christ to redeem humans for their sins, and yet Satan's influence continued to flourish, making people not believe or not desire to follow the teachings of God. This act weakened him immensely, and it took hundreds of years for him to recover. By the time he was strong, Satan had grown equal in strength. Humans continued on, waging their own wars. In time the technology they had come to create was lost during a massive war, and also from Satan feeling Humans didn't deserve such luxuries. He had demons secretly try to make them nothing but vapid and dumb beings. God was able to send some angels to preserve parts of this technology in isolated places, but the world basically lost thousands of years of advancements. Most of the world looked medieval at best.

Both God and Satan felt the war needed to end soon. God planned to have a human show the world his presence and expose the spiritual war. When Satan learned of this, he decided to have a human exist to ensure that Gods representative would fail and/or perish. Two twin brothers were chosen, and the time has come for the fate of the heavens and the universe to be decided.

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